Does Plagiarism Put Food On Our Tables As Ghanaians?

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We’ve been down for too long as a people! We can’t continue to stay mute and pretend that all is well!

It’s high time Ghanaians must face the reality and stop blaming the politicians for the retardation of our national progress.

Despite the fact that we’ve entrusted in their hands with our resources doesn’t mean we can put all our hopes in them to better our lives in our various walks of life.

The citizens in this country are more corrupt in the “mind” than to the extent the politicians can go in mismanaging the natural resources. YES! There’s a devil in Ghanaians that makes most people serves as stumbling blocks to the successes some few people are determined to achieve for the glory of the nation and to themselves.

The devil I am talking about is “hypocrisy and the attention given to irrelevant issues in the country over the expense of the important ones that will bring development”!

The people of Ghana give attention to irrelevant issues and neglect the ones they’re suppose to pay attention to. During the inauguration day of the incumbent government, a speech delivered by the new president is believed to have been plagiarised.

Thus, the president captured  a line of which he failed to cite the source. Meanwhile,  a thorough research into the mayhem going on in the country proved to be fallacious! Aside, there’s nothing new under the sun! George Bush quoted the same phrase Ghanaians are mad but never cited the source.

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Meanwhile, Americans who’re more developed and highly educated were silent about it, but why Ghanaians? A country which will soon retire from active service per its age if it were to be a human is still sick in social, economic, political, religious and mental development! Why should this be so?

Instead of putting into use the important issues raised by the president for the betterment of our lives, we are here throwing jabs at him.

I can’t understand why our media houses are used to promoting mediocrity in the past years. I always say, most of our problems is as a result of the mediocrity our media houses have decided to appraise.

One of the most powerful verses in the inaugural speech of the president reads; “Fellow citizens, you must be at the centre of the change. The change we have voted for will have to start with each of us as individuals. We can start with little changes in our own individual attitudes and practices. The change can and should start now and with us as individuals.”

Sadly, our media houses seem not to have seen that. These are the issues the media men and women must start to propagate so that the change majority of Ghanaians voted for will be realised, and not plagiarism?

After spending radio and television airtime to address plagiarism, the same people will come to ask why fuel and tax prices have been increased.

Instead of thinking about how Ghanaians can collaborate with the inaugurated president to move and change the destiny of Ghana, look at the unnecessary issues our media houses have started to address! Does plagiarism or copyright of a speech  put food on our (Ghanaians) table?

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