Check Out The Top 10 Richest NBA Players – Lebron James #?

10. Carmelo Anthony


He has been the winner for NBA All Stars 5 times and currently has a net worth of 80 million. Carmelo has brought in a total earnings of $135,865,275.

9. Steve Nash


One of the oldest (age 40) still playing in the NBA. Steve has an net worth of $95 million and has earned $137,235,620 in his career of play professional basketball.

8. Dwyane Wade


This professional player has a $95 million dollar net worth. Wade stills play for the Miami Heat and has made $121,321,666 from his career.

7. Ray Allen

This is a tremendous player who is now a free agent and his net worth is $100 million. His total career earnings are $184,356,410.

6. Dwight Howard


Dwight is an remarkable player and also who others call “gifted”. He possesses a net worth of $100 million with total career earnings of $123,289,952.

5. Dirk Nowitzki


His career earnings are $204,063,985 and he has a net worth of $120 million. This power forward has lead his team to many victories in games.

4. Tim Duncan


Duncan has a net worth of $150 million and is currently playing for
the San Antonio Spurs team. His total career earnings are $224,709,155.

3. Kevin Garnett


Kg has a net worth of $190 million. In addition to $315,372,398 in his total career earnings.He’s currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

2. Kobe Bryant


Rolling in second is Kobe who is known to be the most versatile player. His net worth puts him at $260 million and his total career earnings to be $279,738,062.

1. Lebron James


This is a famous player of the Cavaliers team acquires a ridiculous net worth of $270 million and a total career earnings of $129,159,913. Which makes him one of the richest basketball player in the NBA


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