10 Things Every Ghanaian Mother Says When Flogging Her Child

Every Ghanaian Mother Says this when flogging their child

Here are 10 things every Ghanaian mother says when flogging her children

In a Ghanaian home, flogging is a norm and at the slightest mistake, your mother will not spare. Since she’s the one you spend most of your time with, know that you won’t escape from her grip.

But when she reports you to your dad, then you should know she’s just moved from intermediate to advance in the flogging level. What hurts is not the flogging but some of the things they say while they flog you

1. I love you, that’s why I’m flogging you.

I mean how can you translate flogging into love. My mother once had the perfect answer when I asked why she flogged me and still claimed she loves me.

Every Ghanaian Mother Says this when flogging their child

She said: “God sacrificed his only son for our sins, was it not out of love” smh!!


2. If you’re a man, let me hear fi!

This is when they lash you and it hurts so much you want to blurt out but you can’t because the slightest sound that comes out of your mouth will attract more lashes.


3. If you move your hand, I will add more.

When she holds you tight and you try to protect your butt from the torrential lashes, this is what you hear and if you disobey, you’ll have yourself to blame.



4. Hold your mouth.

When they instruct you on exactly what to do so that you’ll not blurt out anything that’ll end up getting you more lashes.



5. Sit on this spot and don’t move an inch.


6. You dare not beg for forgiveness, that will make it worse.

Just accept your punishment and be free. Begging rather aggravates the situation. And while you’re at it, never promise not to repeat the act again else she’ll remind you of all previous promises you made and beat you harder.


7. I won’t allow you to kill me.

You just signed your death warrant literally. She’ll beat you till can’t even cry anymore.


8. Did you just try to block me?  Do you want to fight me?

This happens when you attempt to defend yourself. That’s a wrong move.


9. Go and bring your own cane.

When she says this then you know it’s on. The trick here is that if you bring a small one, she’ll go and double it.


10. If you move, you will smell pepper.

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